~C. E. Sundstrom is the Australian Indie author of the Grave Misgivings series of paranormal mystery novels. Currently he has published two novels in the six part series. They are: Book 1-Awakenings, Book 2-Phoenix.

C. E. has been inspired by many authors over the years; some of his favorites are Agatha Christie, Edgar Alan Poe, Stephen King and Douglas Adams. C. E. grew up in the hills of Kinglake just to the North of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. His fondness for writing stories began during his High School years though took a back seat while he became gainfully employed.

He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science- Horticulture at Burnley College in the four years post High School. A career change to the Funeral Industry was good for his soul. It also kicked his imagination back into full gear ultimately turning his writing "hobby" into a more serious pursuit which now sees seven novels and two compilations of short stories in various stages of completion. 

He is happily married, living in a sleepy country town called Doreen (located between Kinglake and Melbourne). He and his wife are trying their best to raise two mischievous cats.

C. E. is currently attending regular book signings with several other exciting new Australian authors, dates and venues can be viewed on this page